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Last year I had to visit a hospital in Nottingham, I'm not. But as it turned out, a very pleasant visit. Just as I was about to leave QMC 's entry, I realized that I had to pay a visit to the bathroom. I looked over and saw the main reception which marked one down the hall, past the coffee. When I arrived, I saw that all urinals were occupied, but at that moment, the two opened a closet door and a man came and opened the door for me. He smiled as we walked, which I thought was very nice of feelmytube you... ( I had no idea why he was smiling... ) entered the cabin, push the latch behind me stepped forward, turned, dropped my jeans and pants, sat on the toilet is necessary and grabbed some toilet feelmytube paper. 's when I noticed a series of holes in the wall! My first reaction was shock / shame, and then from the corner of my eye I saw movement THRough one of the holes ! In a corner of the eye through a hole I could see the tail of man in the cab of another. He was able to masturbate ! see a cock, about 7 cm long, with a large head of bright red. I began to feel hot, and could not begin to masturbate. was not clear that the position of the hole, so the owner could see the other cock had to masturbate ! Then I saw the movement, and the cock was removed from view. 'Well,' I thought, 'I had fun. The man has had enough fun, and leaves. ' But no! feelmytube Once it became clear that I masturbated, the man thought it would lead to the next level. A through the largest holes that looked like the tail! That was very hard, and was there just for me! I was obliged to keep and cherish. He lifted a little when I touched it, so I knew that homeowners can feel and appreciate my career. I thought, 'What the feelmytube hell. I will not have many opportunities like this. ' So he began to lean against the wall, and suckingg of the tap. This was to suck first. seemed odd, sexy and dangerous all at the same time. I could hear the men come and go to the urinals, and from time to time, trying to cupboard doors, but there I was, with a cock in my mouth! I sucked and licked and sucked again, what seemed feelmytube an eternity, and then pulled the tail. 'Too bad ' I thought, ' it's over. ' but then just put a finger through the hole. I read online feelmytube that it was a signal to feelmytube its own tail through a hole, so that 's what I did. immediately grabbed my cock and sucked it like crazy. I got in a few minutes and it was hard not mourn when she swallowed my cum ! He squeezed the last drops of my cock, licking it clean, and gently stroked it, indicating that 'work'. The guy then quickly sat up and began to dress, out of sight, so I could not see how it looked. All I could see what had feelmytube jeans and white sneakers. So he began to attract. S it wasthe taxi in front of me, and while in the sink, had a couple of guys standing all jeans and white sneakers ! I quickly dried my hands and went out, still trying to identify ' the owner of the cock ' without joy. , but more importantly, I really liked. I go again tomorrow afternoon... I wonder what I think... Never thought I would go to the hospital so much!
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